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Please get in touch with solicitor Nigel Priestley if you are an adopter going through a similar predicament ie adoption disruption.  He is fantastically helpful and empathetic.

Nigel Priestley  – Senior Partner

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Yorkshire Lawyer Awards 2013 – Law Firm of the Year, Winner

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These are just some of the biggest UK Adoption agencies who can help support you during this very difficult time. They have all been contacted for their statements and actively endorse the website and what I am trying to achieve – and has the support of my Local MP Mike Penning.  This page will be updated with further news from all the main agencies in future – watch this space. – Adoption UK statement

Hugh Thornbery, CEO of Adoption UK, said: “We campaign tirelessly to ensure that adoptive families receive the support and encouragement they need to help make adoptions work. Unfortunately one in five families still do not receive the support they need. We use the voice of our members to influence policy makers and obtain support and legislative change for adoptive parents.

Post-adoption support is vital to ensure successful adoptions and is one of the top issues our members speak to us about.

 We have been lobbying the Government, on behalf of our members, to make additional support available to adoptive parents.

 Our evidence led to the development of the Adoption Support Fund in England. The fund will bring an additional £19.3million to adoption support.

In leading the Government’s Expert Advisory Group on adoption support, Adoption UK will ensure that adoptive families’ unmet needs continue to be brought to the forefront of further development.” Statement

“BAAF recognises that an adoption disruption can be very distressing to everyone involved and that appropriate and often substantial support is a critical part of managing this.   Where support involves the child returning to care, in many cases it will be possible for there to be an voluntary agreement between the adopter/s and the local authority, and that must be explored. But there will be occasions when a Care Order is needed. A Care Order can be made only when a court finds that the legal threshold is met and the Order the only solution to ensuring child’s welfare. The local authority’s application to the court must be clear in its evidence and plan for the child and that there is no alternative solution to supporting the child and the adopter/s.” – First4 Adoption – What they do:

For First Time Adopters and people seeking general advice please contact First4Adoption, which serves as the national gateway information service for people who are interested in adoption and seeking general advice in the UK.  They are an extremely helpful agency and always make a point of calling back/emailing you to assist with any enquiry. They do not primarily assist with Adoption Disruptions.

First4Adoption are happy to give AdoptionDisruptionUK contact details to any Adoptive Parent who requires post Care Order support. – Charity for post adoption Support – What they do:

‘We are a forward thinking charity that offers post adoption peer support. We organise and deliver awareness raising projects informed by the adoption community.
We also offer free short breaks to adoptive families in crisis and in 2015 are hoping to register to add a therapeutic childcare element to these breaks.
Run by experienced adopters and adoptees’



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  1. Tracey Sainsbury says:

    We experienced disruption in 2012, wish this was here then, we had a wonderful legal help from Susan Eskinazi at can’t recommend them enough!

    Also fabulously helpful is the POTATO Group peer support fomr people who really get how hard we work as adoptive parents to traumatised children and how difficult it is.

    Excellent resource – thank you for creating it!


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