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Posting on behalf of Jenny for her conference talk

Hello there,

I am emailing to ask for your help in gaining responses to a survey I am carrying out regarding adoption disruption/breakdown.

I have been asked to speak about this topic at an upcoming conference for Social Workers and feel I owe it to the thousands of adoptive families out there to do this topic the justice it deserves. As an adoptive parent myself I understand just how important this subject is and I hope to be able to share as much information as possible with those attending the conference.

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If you need any further information then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Jennifer Jones

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PLease get in touch with me if you feel you can help run the website and with any ideas where we go from here.  Family futures has been set up with help by Sir Hugh Thornberry but still no designated specific help for people who have gone through or going through a disruption. 




The Council does not collate and publish adoption breakdown figures for children who have been adopted. The County Council only publishes statistics on adoption breakdowns for the period before a child has been adopted.

Michael Warby, on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council states:

Adoption disruption is only recorded for statistical purposes on arrangements that disrupt pre adoption order. The disruption of an adoption arrangement post order is not collated.’

The Council refers to adoption breakdowns as ‘adoption disruptions’.

The consequence of this is that the County’s adoption breakdown figures do not represent the true figure of what is happening with regard to adoption breakdowns.

This is not in the public interest. It conceals the true rate of adoption breakdowns. It deceives the prospective adopter into thinking that the prospects of a successful adoption are better than they are.  It fails to acknowledge those parents who have been through an adoption disruption.  It removes scrutiny from Social Workers who may share some responsibility for those breakdowns where the child has been adopted.

There can only be one reason for not publishing total breakdown figures and that is this allows the Council to present a better picture of adoption success rates than is actually happening. The Council does not provide the statistics of post adoption figures under Freedom of Information requests.

We pay Council Staff to represent our interests. We do not pay them to hide information and deceive us.  Staff who devise schemes to hide information are working neither in the public nor the Council’s interest.  We do not need council staff who devise schemes like this.  This is a face of bureaucracy which has no place in today’s world.

Hertfordshire County Council’s recent published ‘adoption disruption’ figures are cited as:

2013-2014 – 0

2014-2015 – 1

2015-2016 – Data not yet published

An innocent member of the public reading these figures would very reasonably think that Hertfordshire had no adoption breakdowns, at any level, in 2013 to 2014. This is NOT the case.

What we need is a mandatory recording of all adoption breakdowns.  This information is readily and easily available.

The fact that the Council does not want to publish this information can only mean one thing – social workers are afraid of scrutiny, and this leads to an organization with a limited capacity to learn.