Adopting after an Adoption Disruption

I am getting inundated with parents who have been through an adoption disruption, applied to adopt again, and been declined by their LA who have put the blame for the disruption squarely at the parents feet.  This cannot be right?  These parents are heroes who deserve support – and have tried their hardest with damaged children often at the cost of their marriages ; ask yourself the question – could you do any better?

I have had the same email may be 50 times since I launched

2 thoughts on “Adopting after an Adoption Disruption

  1. julie says:

    I just get so so angry at things like this. I need to do something to change the way we are treated. What can I do? How dare they treat us like this!!


  2. Alison says:

    I can relate to this fully having recently gone through an adoption disruption, constant hoops lack of transparency unreliability, no disruption meeting and a battle to persuade LA because it did not work out with one child it would not mean there would be the same situation with every child. I could go on!! I would be very glad to share my experience and listen to someone else that has experienced the same.


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