BBC Radio 4 Breakfast – 20th March 2015

BBC Radio 4 – Friday 20th March 2015 –  really good mention for the website and background of my story in conjunction with general debate about improving adoption process and support

Campaigners are highlighting the huge impact on children and families following an event we hear little about – the breakdown of adoption. It’s rare – only about one in every thirty children adopted ends up being returned to care –  but when that does happen, the impact upon the child can be dramatic. Now there’s a call for local authorities to ensure they give as much information as possible about the child that is to be adopted – which should happen in principle but in practice doesn’t always. A website adoptiondisruptionuk has just been set up to help such parents, by a woman who adopted a boy at eighteen months but struggled and eventually had to end the adoption after he developed a serious neurological disorder. Every family has a different story to tell. Our reporter Sanchia Berg has spoken to another mother whose adopted daughter is now back in care. Her words are spoken by an actor. Jemma Vanderstock was adopted age 4 and went back into care age 13 after the relationship with her adoptive parents broke down, she’s now aged 19 and Jim Clifford has nine adoptive children, and trains others in adoption and therapeutic parenting.