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Adoption Disruption UK Mission Statement.

This is a website designed to support and help natural and adoptive parents whose child has had to go back into care or is in the process of experiencing this traumatic event because of complex psychological and/or medical reasons.   Having been through this experience myself ( you can read My Story) I understand how isolating and traumatic losing a child in this way. I realised that there was no online support group in the UK or anywhere specific offering advice, counselling or consolation. Had I been able to reach out and talk to another Parent who had gone through something similar I know I would have felt less alone.

In my case I had an adopted child and therefore went through an Adoption Disruption. Hence the idea to link Adoptive Parents together so they can chat/meet up and so forth but it is also for natural parents too who have been through a Care Order.

This is to be an informative site, dedicated to being a lifeline to parents in distress.

It is my belief the more open Local Authorities/Social Workers can be, the more supportive the government can be, the more informed  Parents will be and this will help create a culture of overall openness. The stigma and sense of isolation many Adoptive Parents feel is currently encouraged by a society and government that does little to support them Post Adoption Disruption.

I want more information to be available to Parents who have adopted and proactively support a change in the current Care Order form to protect ALL Parents as this form is used for both birth parents and parents who have adopted. I want more pressure put on the government to affect these changes.

Information is steadily being uploaded to the website so please bear with me while the website grows and develops. Adoption Disruption UK has just gone live January 2015.

All views on this website are subject to change and updates and do not represent any other views except my own and the people who represent their own views on here.

This website is a work in progress and is under constant evaluation.


Support Group for All Parents

Support Group for All Parents

6 thoughts on “Adoption Disruption UK Support Group

  1. Chloe says:

    What a fantastic idea. I have a close friend who has been through this very thing and I know how helpful she will find it. Congratulations.


  2. Pierre says:

    Sometimes it takes more courage to face reality than to plod on with an untenable situation for fear of what others may think. Well done.


  3. Debbie says:

    I have spent years feeling a failure for handing anck our adopted son. At the time there was no support what so ever and I have felt alone in this . Well done for setting up this support group.


  4. andrew says:

    I’ve an adopted son who has issues which were never explained to us by the social workers at the time. They also ‘encouraged ‘ us to take a child who was a different sex & age to our ( broad) criteria. At the time we felt immense guilt/pressure to be unquestioning in their ‘professional’ choice.
    I would never give him back now, but there have been fraught times when I’ve been angry with the system, and considered the option.
    It is this sort of scenario which puts off other prospective adopters, and which, in my opinion, needs to be changed.


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